RuntimeChecker Customer Testimonials

I evaluated a handful of memory leak detecters ( purify, boundscheker,etc ) a few years ago. Runtime checker outperformed them all. I ended up purchasing Runtime Checker then, and I'm doing so again. .

Runtime Checker's performance hit was almost negligible, so I was able to run all the "leaky" tests, just like I was playing the game ( game application ). Runtime checker also matched Purify's output for where the leaks were, but at 1/20th the cost, and also at 50x less performance impact.

- Shaun Showers


I'm amazed by the accuracy of this tool. I had a leaking spot in my code and the leak was detected by the windows perfmon (a leakage of 20MB per hour under load). with this tool, I was able to reproduce the problem without running load. what makes me determined to dive into a specific area of the code (hinted by the call stack) is that the tool produces exactly the same result (in terms of the number of bytes, number of memory blocks and call stacks) for the same scenario over a series of trials. after fixing the code, I re-ran the tool. it shows "0 memory blocks are currently in use", again, consistently in several trials. just love the little tool: tiny, not fancy, but seriously reliable.

- Hans Pause(Senior Software Engineer)


I usually use tools by big companies (such IBM Purify etc.). However, for detecting memory leak, I have to say, runtimer-checker beats rational-purify by far. With Purify under load, it crashes right away. With runtime-checker, I don't even have to install the tool (but simply copy the two dlls and one exe to the load machine - clean and safe for the customer machine, nothing copied into the system32, windows registry or whatsoever). In addition, it does not require running debug code (which would be another taboo for the customer machine). Release code is fine as long as the needed pdb files are present. After 5 minutes run of load, I got all memory usage information I needed. -- Memory leak under load used to be a nightmare, but not anymore with this tool.

- Joseph Davis(Consultant)


Thanks for developing such a little and powerful tool ! Wish it be successful on the market !

- Michael Sabine (Software Developer)


I used this tool to find memory leak in a server application @work which I took over recently. The server application was written in C++ linked with multiple DLLs including dynamically loaded DLLs. It wasn't an easy task to locate where it leaked even though I knew exactly what the scenario was. Then I used RuntimeChecker to attach to my server application and then ran the scenario a few times. Right away it showed which DLL/file and line that allocated memory without freeing it. It also (unexpectedly) caught another small leak which was due to casting.It saved me hours of tedious trobuleshooting work.Highly recommended this tool.

- Winston Olderdissen(Software Developer)


The results are just what I needed. Thank you for providing this software-- I was dreading going through Microsoft's burdensome heap analysis.

- Dave